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High-purity silicones for the most demanding environments

For over 40 years, NuSil® has set the global standard in medical- and space-grade silicone technology, advancing purity and quality while redefining expectations in customer care. We continue to innovate and design silicone formulations to meet or exceed our customers’ requirements and provide the support needed in these highly regulated industries. As a trusted partner, we collaborate closely with customers, developing healthcare and advanced technologies devices and platforms so they can move discovery and innovation forward.

High-purity silicones

With extensive silicone innovation and manufacturing expertise, we formulate an industry-leading portfolio of adhesives, elastomers, encapsulating materials and many other high-purity silicones. From life-changing implants to spacecraft roving the surface of Mars, NuSil solutions deliver unmatched performance in the most demanding environments.

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Quality is the cornerstone of everything we do. We adhere to the highest standards, from initial product development to delivery to exceptional post-sales service and support.

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We are ISO 9001 certified and use ISO standards throughout our operations. Our quality system is also certified and compliant with standards such as AS9100 as well as various industry-specific standards.

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