Proven Silicones for Space

NuSil® low and ultra-low outgassing silicones from Avantor® deliver proven performance in the most demanding environments.

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Successful exploration and commercial use of space relies on low and ultra-low outgassing silicones able to withstand demands like temperature extremes and vacuum conditions. These unique challenges can cause outgassing, which leads to the damage of sensitive lenses, electronics and other surfaces.

NuSil sets the standard for low and ultra-low outgassing silicone purity and performance

  • Formulated for superior performance at extreme temperatures, from -120˚C up to 300˚C
  • Broad portfolio featuring the industry’s most extensive line of low and ultra-low outgassing silicones, including adhesives, coatings, conductive and potting and encapsulating materials, combined with the ability to customize to unique requirements
  • Strong regulatory and documentation support; product lines that exceed ASTM E595 test requirements for Total Mass Loss (TML) and Collected Volatile Condensable Material (CVCM); decades of industry experience

Proven silicones for space

Low outgassing silicones are critical to the successful exploration and commercial use of space. But extreme temperatures and vacuum conditions present unique environmental challenges that can cause outgassing, damaging sensitive lenses, electronics and other surfaces.

This infographic explores how NuSil offers highly-purified, low outgassing silicones to avoid contamination and material desegregation, and how to choose the right space-grade silicone for your application.

Controlled volatility products

Use our guided search to find the right low or ultra-low outgassing product for your application.

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The Industry Leader in Low and Ultra-Low Outgassing Silicones for Space

NuSil silicones have been trusted for nearly 40 years for use in the most demanding applications. Our best-in-class product lines are the premier choice in the space industry. Today, we have over 3,000 standard products that can be mass customized to help ensure your vital equipment fulfills its mission.

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