Thought leadership

Optimize manufacturing with biocompatible high consistency rubbers (HCRs)

Learn how NuSil has helped companies think outside of the silicone box.

Customizing self-lubricating silicone elastomers to move medical device fabrication forward

Due to its biocompatibility, processability and wide range of physical properties, liquid silicone rubber (LSR) is ideal for injection-molded valves, O-rings and other precision medicaldevice parts...

Cutting assembly time from hours to minutes

A medical device OEM needed a fast cure silicone adhesive to boost throughout to maximize efficiencies.

High-precision laser performance with ultra-low outgassing silicone

Learn how NuSil collaborated with a leading manufacturer of lasers to improve longevity and stability of space-based lasers.

Silicone experts help circuit board manufacturer find fast solution

At NuSil, we pride ourselves on the ability to customize our materials for unique requirements. But in some cases, what our customer really needs is our ability to find the right silicone that meets our customer’s requirements—and provide the technical support to enable them to rapidly and successfully introduce that product into their manufacturing processes.

Collaboration with aviation partner enables decades of innovation

Fluorosilicones are versatile, high-performance silicone materials formulated to resist mechanical failure caused by exposure to hydrocarbons, such as fuels and solvents. In addition, they remain flexible at extremely low temperatures and resist breakdown at very high temperatures.

Applying Lessons Learned from the Semiconductor Industry

Raw materials’ characterization and supply-chain control allow more rigorous control of the manufacturing process.