Silicone potting & encapsulating materials

High-purity silicones protect components and extend their operating life

Potting & encapsulating materials

NuSil® potting and encapsulating silicone materials from Avantor® provide excellent protection against shock, vibration and outside contaminants. Manufacturing leaders in diverse industries, including healthcare, space and optoelectronics, rely on our silicones for their power electronics, displays, sensors, and other general electronics assemblies.

Our industry-leading selection of materials range from low modulus gels to low viscosity elastomers and lightweight foams. Silicones offer several material characteristics that make them well-suited to potting and encapsulating applications:

  • Gels: Commonly used for coating sensors, gels are two-part low viscosity, platinum-catalyzed systems that will cure at room temperature or with heat. NuSil gels can be customized to accommodate pot life, cure rate and viscosity requirements.
  • Elastomers: Flowable in their uncured state and tougher than gels, our portfolio of elastomers offer a wide range of options, including optically clear properties and low and high temperature cure.
  • Foams: Our gels offer lightweight and highly compressible flexibility in a low viscosity silicone.

Custom formulations tailored to your needs

NuSil has the expertise, processes, and proprietary technology to customize our silicones based on your unique specifications. We leverage our insight into the unique silicone chemistry and material properties to supply off-the-shelf and custom formulations tailored to your process and end-application performance requirements.

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Interior NuSil silicone production technology

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Medical implants

Our silicone potting and encapsulating materials help protect life-changing implanted devices that utilize critical electronics and sensors to deliver smart technology.

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General healthcare

NuSil formulates a range of potting and encapsulating silicones commonly used for wearable devices and other electronic monitoring devices.

military aircraft in flight

Aviation & defense

Safeguard delicate, vital aircraft components, including power electronics, lasers, and sensors, with our broad portfolio of potting and encapsulating silicones. Our low modulus gels and foams are ideal for applications like vibration dampening as well as protection from debris.

Curiosity Mars rover incorporates silicone protective materials


From vibration dampening foams to more rigid elastomers, our space-grade potting materials and encapsulants offer proven low and ultra-low outgassing protection on a variety of applications, including solar module assemblies and power electronics that operate or assist in the functionality of the spacecraft or space vehicles.

Children using large digital touchscreen display

Optoelectronics & electronics

NuSil elastomers, gels and foams are formulated to provide stability and surface protection for high-performance applications, from general assembly and sensors to vehicle and avionics equipment. They are also suitable for power electronics, actuators and PCBs.

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