Versatile silicones for medical devices

NuSil® high consistency silicone rubbers (HCRs) from Avantor® deliver proven biocompatibility and versatile physical properties.

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Medical device production demands silicone components formulated to deliver biocompatibility in the patient and versatility in manufacturing. Whether you’re extruding tubing, calendering sheeting or molding long-term (> 29 days) implantable devices, our HCRs can be tuned to end-use requirements and fabrication processes, such as extrusion, transfer or compression molding and calendering.

NuSil HCRs set the standard for purity and reliability in the medical device industry

  • Range of curing system options, including peroxide-catalyzed and platinum-catalyzed HCRs, as well as uncatalyzed HCRs
  • Formulated for proven biocompatibility with strong regulatory and documentation support for applications such as balloons, O-rings, stoppers and septa, and diaphragms
  • Shapeable “green strength” consistency that will hold its shape until cured

Choosing the right HCR for your application

With versatile physical properties and proven biocompatibility, NuSil HCRs are well-suited for a full range of medical applications and fabrication methods. Our formulas can be customized to your process and end-application performance requirements.

This infographic explores how to choose the right highly purified silicone for your application based on several key considerations.

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The Industry Leader in Biocompatible Silicones for Medical Devices

NuSil silicones have been trusted for over 40 years for use in the most demanding applications. Our best-in-class product lines are the premier choice in the medical device industry. Today, we have over 3,000 standard products that can be mass customized to help optimize your manufacturing processes and perform to your end-use requirements.

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