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Advanced semiconductor chemicals, customizable chemistry platforms, Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) precursors, and low volatility silicones from Avantor® are engineered to help semiconductor fabs and MicroElectroMechanical Systems (MEMS) manufacturers meet process improvement goals faster, enhance product quality and speed up ramp time to the next node.

Our proven portfolio of J.T.Baker® semiconductor chemicals including Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) & Atomic Layer Etch (ALE) precursors, photoresist strippers, residue removers and materials etching and cleaning chemistries—are used by leading semiconductor fabs worldwide to enhance front-end-of-line (FEOL), middle-of-line (MOL), and back-end-of-line (BEOL) process steps.

And our NuSil® brand silicones support various levels of semiconductor packaging, including thermally and electrically conductive silicones for EMI and RFI shielding applications.


Avantor’s J.T.Baker® wet chemicals are engineered to parts-per-trillion levels of purity, and can help semiconductor fabs:

  • Efficiently and thoroughly remove bottom and sidewall residues
  • Meet demanding requirements of the integration of novel metal and dielectric integration schemes
  • Utilize residue removers that offer selective etch capabilities
  • Increase process margins for post-etch residue and sacrificial layer removal
  • Consolidate wet process steps to lower total cost of ownership


Avantor’s J.T.Baker® ALD and ALE Precursors are engineered to <1ppb and >99.99999% (7N) levels of purity to help semiconductor fabs optimize for and migrate to next generation nodes. Notably:

  • J.T.Baker® PRCR-DIAM ALD precursors enables Advanced Thermal Process Technology & Improved Device Reliability
  • Silicon dioxide (SiO2) ALD products enable lower Wet Etch Rate, smoother films, improved uniformity, conformality, & step coverage
  • SiO2 ALD products are chlorine free precursors/processes
  • Tin Oxide (SnO2) ALD products provide for advanced EUV lithography applications
  • J.T.Baker® ETCH-501 provides for novel ALE and etching of metal oxides for advanced node integrations

Centers for technology and innovation

silicone research

We continually invest in driving innovation for our materials and processes in close collaboration with the semiconductor and MEMS industries. Avantor has significant, ongoing R&D on chemistries for sub 10 nm/450 mm process nodes, backed by global supply chain resources and technology centers located in key industry areas:

  • Our Taiwan Technology Center in Chubai City, Taiwan, supports the development of semiconductor chemicals and materials, serving as a “virtual fab” to provide real-time process simulation, testing and analysis on behalf of customers.
  • Our British Columbia Technology Centre on Vancouver Island supports development of ALD and ALE precursors and novel purification techniques required to meet the advanced technology nodes requirements of the future. The demo lab supports ALD and ALE testing and analysis of customer samples, along with novel ALD and ALE surface and gas phase modelling capabilities.
  • Our NuSil silicone researchers in Carpinteria, CA and Bakersfield, CA provide state-of-the-art silicone characterization and customization solutions to customer design challenges, along with custom analytical services and standard quality assurance testing.

Semiconductor chemicals and MEMS materials products

Start improving your process performance now. Our innovative solutions for semiconductor and MEMS manufacturing include:

  • ALD Co, SiO2, SnO2 and other precursors
  • ALE chemicals for selective etching of metal oxides
  • Advanced copper process chemicals
  • Aluminum process chemicals
  • Material etching and cleaning chemistries
  • Photoresist strippers
  • Post-etch residue removers
  • Surface preparation chemicals

Electronic silicone products

Choose from an industry-leading line of conformal coatings, encapsulants, adhesives and gels to protect vital electronic components and optimize device assembly.

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