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Our nutraceutical products allow you to streamline processes and reduce time to market.

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To develop supplements that help improve nutrition and lives, the nutraceutical products market needs solutions that are efficient and cost-effective but do not sacrifice quality.

Avantor® offers a broad portfolio of chemistries that drive quality, application-specific consistency and support what the market requires.

With decades of experience, we know that our nutraceutical customers value quality materials and efficient, cost-effective production solutions. Our high-purity chemicals can help streamline nutraceutical production processes and decrease time to market.

How Avantor delivers nutraceutical manufacturing solutions

Step 1: Find the nutraceutical products you need

At Avantor, we carry a wide range of nutritional minerals and chemicals to meet your nutraceutical manufacturing needs. Our expert team works with you to provide the exact properties your products require. We understand the importance of a reliable supply chain to meet your customer and production demands.

Step 2: Place your order

To place your order, simply create an account with VWR or log in to We carry more than 6 million high-quality products from more than 4,000 core global suppliers. Our world-class network enables us to deliver products in the shortest amount of time. We also offer tailored distribution solutions.

Enjoy complete transparency during your ordering process with seamless account and order management. Receive timely order confirmations and real-time tracking information.

Step 3: Incorporate high-quality nutraceutical products into your manufacturing process

We pride ourselves on offering the highest quality products to deliver value to our customers. Avantor is certified in several ISO Standards related to quality, environment, and health & safety. When you receive your order, you can rest assured knowing each ingredient you incorporate into your formulation meets our stringent requirements for quality assurance.

Collaborate With the Experts

Our experts work with customers to understand their nutraceutical manufacturing processes. Then they apply that understanding to deliver chemicals with precisely the right properties and consistency to meet each customer’s unique objectives. They work to ensure our customers get the formulation flexibility, storage stability, and precise ingredient delivery they need to produce the high-quality nutritional products the nutraceutical products market demands.

Nutraceutical Production Chemicals

Start improving your nutraceutical manufacturing performance now. Our innovative solutions for nutraceutical production include:

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