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NuSil® is pushing the boundaries of cosmetic formulating with our breakthrough encapsulation technology. This novel platform allows silicone and water to coexist without the use of surfactants. The separation of these two mediums, enabled by encapsulation, allows for transformative textures when applied to the skin.

The first offering in the technology platform is CareSil CES (CareSil Encapsulated Silicones), a line of high purity silicone encapsulated and dispersed in a hydrophilic gel. True to CareSil’s brand promise of purity, these products have some of the lowest levels of D4 in the industry.

The power of this encapsulation technology enables transformative textures - first you feel a light, fresh, cooling sensation, then and as you break the capsules it releases the premium touch of silicone. Once again, CareSil brings the wow factor back to silicones.

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