In Situ Cure Technology

NuSil® brand’s innovative in situ cure silicone technology makes it possible to create implantable medical devices that cure and form within the body, offering medical device manufacturers opportunities to create new therapeutic solutions.

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New opportunities for medical device innovation

Patented Two-Part NuSil® Brand Dispensing System

Long-term implantable medical devices have traditionally been fabricated outside the body and then implanted. Now from the NuSil® brand comes a new technology: a patented dispensing system that makes it possible for medical device manufacturers to create devices that can be in situ cured in the body, rather than cured outside the body and implanted.

The innovative new packaging solution features a dual-cartridge prefilled dispensing system that allows the silicone to be sterilized in its uncured form. Each barrel has a gas-permeable plunger seal that allows EtO sterilant gas to permeate through the plunger seal to sterilize the contents of the cartridge.

Medical Grade Silicone: Enabling Next Generation Medical Implants

Our signature implant line offers a complete range of silicones that are the preferred choice for long-term implant devices. Like all of our medical grade silicones, they are designed, manufactured and purified to meet the strictest requirements of the healthcare industry. Our in situ cure silicone technology continues that commitment, offering the potential to improve implantable medical devices by:

  • Creating the ability to customize the fit of implanted devices
  • Enabling less invasive implantation procedures
  • Customizing silicone formulations to support desired performance characteristics

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Explore the Potential for In Situ Cure Silicone Technology

The NuSil® team is ready to collaborate with you to provide custom silicone formulations to satisfy your unique requirements. We look forward to working with you to advance applications of in situ cured silicone for medical devices.

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