Conformal Coatings

The NuSil® brand of silicone conformal coatings efficiently and reliably protects electronic components and helps ensure long operating life. Let us put our silicone expertise to work for you.

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Protect circuit boards from environmental risks

Safeguard Your PCBs from Moisture, Vibration, Temperature Extremes and Dust

Today’s electronics are exposed to a host of environmental risk factors:

  • Temperature extremes, both high and low
  • Excess moisture in the air or condensation
  • Dust and particles: Even minute amounts of dust can infiltrate seams and lead to electrical failures
  • Vibration, especially electronics used in vehicles, avionics or other equipment

With NuSil silicone conformal coatings, electronics manufacturers can help ensure that their circuit boards provide the operating life required for the digital devices that use them, regardless of the application.

One PCB Manufacturer Got Exactly What It Needed

A high-tech electronics manufacturer needed to replace an existing silicone coating when it became completely unavailable. NuSil silicone conformal coatings turned out to be exactly what the company needed—and more.

Our silicone conformal coatings were able to run in the company’s coating equipment with no modification. In addition, the electronics manufacturer noted added benefits from the NuSil coatings:

  • Better adhesion to the board, especially around the solder joints
  • No need to prime the PCB prior to coating, reducing processing time and costs

Find the Right Silicone Conformal Coatings for Your Application

NuSil silicone conformal coatings have a number of characteristics important to electronics manufacturers:

  • Cure at room temperature within 24 hours
  • Non-corrosive oxime cure system
  • Electrically insulating
  • Low viscosity ideal for use in spray- or dip-coating systems

Find Conformal Coatings Products

NuSil silicone conformal coatings are off-the-shelf products ready to use in your production systems—including existing production lines configured for silicone conformal coatings that are no longer available in the marketplace. Custom formulations are also available.

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The Industry Leader in Silicone for Advanced Technologies

Our NuSil silicones have been trusted for over 40 years for use in the most demanding applications. Our best-in-class product lines are the premier choice across the aerospace, defense, optoelectronics and general electronics industries. Today, we have over 3,000 standard products that can be mass customized to help you increase electronics production throughput without sacrificing performance.

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