Premium Care Line




  • Two-part silicone elastomer system
  • Cures with heat via addition-cure chemistry
  • Has a non-tacky surface and no volatile by-products or peroxide residues
  • Strained through a 400-mesh screen (minimum)
  • 1:1 Mix Ratio (Part A: Part B)


  • For a wide variety of fabrication techniques for the healthcare industry including: molding, calendering and extruding
  • Excellent adhesion and fatigue resistance
NuSil® MED-4019 shall not be considered for use in human implantation for a period of greater than 29 days.

Product Details

Property Average Result
Durometer 55 Type A
Tensile 1,290 psi (8.9 MPa)
Elongation 645 %
Tear 205 ppi (36.2 kN/m)
Appearance Translucent
Cure 10 minutes / 171 °C
Cure System Platinum
Cure Type Heat Cure
Mix Ratio 1:1
Specific Gravity 1.23
Stress at Strain 310 psi / 200 % (2.1 MPa / 200 %)
Work Time 5 hours
Comment Excellent adhesion and fatigue resistance

What is Medical Grade?

Discover how Medical-grade silicones are specifically designed, manufactured and purified to meet the strictest needs of the healthcare industry.

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The test data shown for this material is the average value for typical properties. All of these properties may not be tested on a lot to lot basis and cannot be used to draft specifications. Please contact NuSil for assistance and recommendations in establishing limits for product specifications.