Extrusion Rate

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The NuSil® brand is proud to present a film series on the key physical properties of silicone.

Understanding both the properties and how they are tested is critical to determining the right silicone for your application. The following film provides relatable examples on Extrusion Rate, details on test preparation and finally the methods in which NuSil® silicones are actually tested.

Correct sample preparation is critical when testing silicone materials for specific physical properties. Click the link below for details on how to properly prepare your samples.

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RTV silicone adhesive

As adhesives for bonding and sealing silicones to each other and other substrates such as metals and plastics. Consistency allows products to be supplied in easy-to-use, airless side-by-side kits that eliminate mixing and deairing difficulties.


Silicone adhesive

Well suited for use as an adhesive for bonding and sealing silicone materials. For applications requiring the bonding of silicone to metals, urethanes and various other substrates.

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The NuSil® brand continues its film series on the key physical properties of silicone, with this short exploration of Viscosity.


Anne Groff, Manager of the NuSil® Analytics Department, simplifies the complicated Durometer scales and demonstrates how we insure that materials are properly tested.

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