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Low viscosity elastomers

NuSil® low viscosity elastomers from Avantor® are flowable silicones that are ideal for low-pressure molding processes, as well as providing an effective material for encapsulating devices such as electronics.

The NuSil line of low viscosity elastomers (LVEs) are ideal for molding or casting a part, as well as encapsulating components in a device. They also offer a lower viscosity alternative to HCRs and LSRs for parts production.

NuSil LVEs are typically two-part, platinum-catalyzed, addition cured silicones that can be designed with an adjustable cure schedule to accommodate both low- and high-temperature curing. Because LVEs are flowable and self-leveling, they can be poured directly into molds or forms and can also be low-pressure molded into parts.

NuSil low viscosity elastomers are available in many optically clear options and can be supplied in convenient cartridges that allow for direct application into molds or forms for potting, eliminating the need for separate mixing and de-airing steps.

Custom formulations tailored to your needs

NuSil has the expertise, processes, and proprietary technology to customize our silicones based on your unique specifications. We leverage our insight into the unique silicone chemistry and material properties to supply off-the-shelf and custom formulations tailored to your process and end-application performance requirements.

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Medical implants

NuSil’s low viscosity elastomers can be used to low-pressure mold long-term (> 29 days) implantable medical devices or parts. LVEs can also be used to pot or encapsulate medical electronics or other components used in medical devices.

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General healthcare

NuSil medical-grade LVEs can be used to low-pressure mold a wide range of components for medical devices, such as lenses or to backfill a void, encapsulate a device or pot an electronic component.

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Aviation & defense

NuSil LVEs include a range of optically clear products for use in avionics and power electronics that operate or assist in aircraft functionality, specifically encapsulating a device, backfilling a void and potting electronic components.

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Optoelectronics & electronics

NuSil LVEs include many optically clear options with a wide range of refractive indices for applications such as displays. LVEs also provide an excellent option for encapsulating and protecting sensitive electronics.

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