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High consistency rubbers

High consistency silicone rubbers (HCRs) from Avantor’s® NuSil® offer versatile physical properties and proven biocompatibility, making them well-suited for a full range of medical applications and fabrication methods.

NuSil’s portfolio of HCRs gives medical device manufacturers a silicone rubber material designed for a broad range of fabrication processes. Whether you are extruding tubing, compression or transfer molding parts or calendaring sheets for die cutting, our HCRs offer high mechanical properties and low modulus compared to other elastomer systems.

One of the most unique properties HCRs offer is “green strength”. Uncured HCRs have a clay-like consistency that can be shaped into a given dimension or form, and it will hold that shape until it is cured. In addition, due to its relatively low cost, HCRs provide an excellent material for low volume device or parts production, or as a material for prototyping.

NuSil offers a versatile portfolio of high consistency silicone rubber products with a range of cure systems to choose from:

  • Platinum-catalyzed HCRs typically yield much higher physical properties than traditional peroxide-catalyzed HCRs; in addition, the curing process can be heat-accelerated for faster cure times and increased throughput.
  • In peroxide-catalyzed systems, curing is initiated when the HCR is exposed to heat. This translates into a very long table life, or work time, which is beneficial for molding or extrusion operations.
  • NuSil also offers uncatalyzed systems to provide the flexibility of using your preferred catalyst to achieve desired properties or cure chemistry.

HCRs can be formulated to create parts that range from continuous profiles to molded parts and can also easily incorporate additives for color, radiopacity or to create a foam from this material. Learn more

Custom formulations tailored to your needs

NuSil has the expertise, processes, and proprietary technology to customize our silicones based on your unique specifications. We leverage our insight into the unique silicone chemistry and material properties to supply off-the-shelf and custom formulations tailored to your process and end-application performance requirements.

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Medical implants

Use NuSil’s medical-grade HCR to fabricate long-term (> 29 days) implantable medical devices. Whether you’re molding implant components or extruding tubing, our HCRs’ properties can be tuned to specific processing and end-use requirements.

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General healthcare

NuSil HCRs provide a flexible, biocompatible material used to extrude rod and ribbon profiles and tubing for medical applications. They can also be calendared into sheets for die-cutting or molded into parts, such as balloons, gaskets or O-rings, for use in medical devices implanted for less than 29 days or external devices.

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